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Our Process

We utilize a holistic approach when working with individuals and families. We understand the complexities of financial and retirement planning strategies. Through a thorough process, we seek to develop strategies that can grow with the client through the many financial milestones of life.

Our initial process typically consists of three separate meetings, usually spread out over a number of weeks. During the first meeting, we take the time to listen to our client’s goals and concerns, as well as their current financial situation. We believe this first meeting is critical for us to begin building a trusted relationship with the client.

Once we understand the client’s needs, goals, and concerns, we compile an appropriate strategy for their situation. We view this strategy as a roadmap for clients to follow, as it is created to help clients stay on track and pursue their goals. When developing a strategy, we incorporate both the client’s short and long-term objectives and strive to address their biggest concerns, hurdles, and dreams. During the second meeting, we present our developed strategies to the client and discuss alternate opportunities or appropriate solutions that address their needs and may help them pursue their goals. This meeting also gives the client the chance to ask any questions they may have.

Following the second meeting, we let the client digest and review the strategies we presented. During the third and most important meeting, we typically implement the strategy we and the client feel is most appropriate. Our job is not to provide one solution that fits all, but rather weigh the pros and cons of each option to find the most appropriate solution for each client. Once an action plan has been developed, we periodically re-evaluate the strategies, investments, or products implemented to determine if any changes are needed.

Beyond these meetings, we strive to always make ourselves always available to our clients, whether they want to meet to complete an entire review of their finances or simply have a quick question.