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Our Process

We work with a number of businesses of various sizes and corporate structures in Maryland and surrounding states. We seek to serve our business clients as the leader of their financial team, working closely with their other advisors, including attorneys and CPAs. We understand the difficulties business owners and employers face today. Through a holistic process, we seek to develop strategies that can address their many concerns and needs.

With every client, we first begin with an introductory meeting where we take the time to listen to our client’s goals and concerns, as well as their current financial situation. We believe this first meeting is critical for us to begin building a trusted relationship with the client.

Once we understand the client’s objectives, we create a custom designed strategy to address their needs. In order to ensure that our proposed design aligns with the other aspects of our client’s finances, we will typically review it with their other advisors and accountants. Our goal is to create the most effective option that works in conjunction with all of the client’s other strategies and plans. By working with the client’s other advisors, we seek to amplify the effectiveness of the strategy that we choose.

After we have reviewed our designs with the client’s other advisors, we discuss the plan of action with our client and address any questions or concerns they may have. This also gives us a chance to review any alternate options or other possible solutions. Once the client selects and approves of a strategy, we implement and monitor it on a regular basis. Either quarterly or annually, depending on the client’s preference, we meet to review the strategy and determine if any changes are required.

Additionally, we provide educational seminars to our clients and their employees, covering critical topics like retirement planning, investment management, and estate planning. Our ultimate goal is to provide financial guidance and serve as a resource for our clients and their employees.